Denver CO Is Full Of Breweries – Here are 3 Of The Best

What types of places do you want to visit in Denver. Ive written many articles about the Mile High City without highlighting all the breweries, distilleries and wineries. To be truthful, they’re not really my first choice for places to visit, yet they are fun. Niche breweries are interesting, too, and I felt it necessary to write an article highlighting a few of them. This piece is going to focus on three of the best breweries in Denver CO so that you can plan your stops while on vacation.

Epic Brewing Company is one of the top destinations, and its location is 3001 Walnut Street. This great brewery in The Mile High City features 25 different beers on tap. The establishment features a very nice and welcoming atmosphere, too, and the pumpkin porter is one of the favorites according to reviewers. While there is no food menu, you can expect a food truck. Plus, you aren’t going to have any problems finding great places to eat in Denver.

The next featured brewery is known as The Wynkoop. The Wynkoop is located at 1634 18th Street. Not only is this establishment known as a wonderful brewery destination, but it is also known as the first brew pub in The Mile High City. You can also enjoy some great food there, too. People talk highly of the mac n’ cheese, and they mention that there is an enormous statue of a gorilla inside the brewery. In terms of the location of The Wynkoop, you will find that it’s convenient to Union Station.

Black Shirt Brewing is the third featured brewery for this article, and its location is 3719 Walnut Street. Notice it is on the same street as the first brewery mentioned. That being said, it might be a good idea to make those two stops in one swoop. Black Shirt Brewing is known for red ale and other great selections. Reviews mention that there are games to play there, too.

With as many breweries as Denver has, you could schedule an entire tour just making your way around to them. If you just want to visit one or a few, however, these are great picks. Personally, I’d rather enjoy a picnic in the park, the space museum, Lakeside Amusement Park, Coors Field, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the zoo and similar attractions. But to each his own. Ballistreri Vineyards, one the other hand, would be on my list.